Details of compulsory medical insurance

 The application of Compulsory Medical Insurance in the country is carried out in stages. If you want to get information about when and in which region of the country it is applied, you can get acquainted with it in our previous blog
By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated January 31, 2019, control over the calculation and payment of compulsory health insurance premiums was entrusted to the tax authorities.
Now we will provide information on which account and according to which classification codes the calculated compulsory health insurance premiums will be paid. It should be noted that the compulsory health insurance premium calculated at the time of salary payment must also be paid. what is presented as.
Beneficiary (area) bank
Name: State Treasury Agency
Code: 210005
TIN: 1401555071
Correspondent account: AZ41NABZ01360100000000003944
Receiving funds
Name: DA on Compulsory Medical Insurance
Account: AZ04CTRE00000000000008838301
TIN: 1701911851
Budget level code: 7
You can 
download budget classification codes here.
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