What is accounting? 

A business owner, whether small or large, should not spend time researching aspects of accounting. Aspects can be things like tax compliance laws, employee payroll deductions, and many other details. Instead, as a business owner, you can spend most of your energy on increasing revenue, increasing the number of employees, or improving your services and products. Therefore, an accountant is an expert who ensures the reliability of the financial information of a business that helps its owners decide on the allocation of resources. The services offered by accountants include:

 Accounting and salary calculation

Accounting is the service department that keeps track of your business transactions. The periodicity of reports is as follows:

Monthly Quarterly Annual Settlement documents, taxes, bank reconciliations, salary documents are useful for creating financial statements after being checked by professional accountants.

Accounting and auditing 

These are the main services provided by accountants. Accounting services include the improvement of financial services, the preparation of tax returns, the tracking of expenses and income, the preparation of financial statements and business consulting. It offers business valuation services such as long-term planning for the acquisition of property, plant and equipment based on the depreciation or depreciation of your assets and customers through audits.


 Accountants advise clients on financial strategies by identifying areas that negatively affect the profitability and growth of the business. It also provides information on the methods to be used to reduce the tax burden and future plans. Accountants offer consulting services related to computer systems, job evaluation and financial retirement decisions.

Tax planning and scheduling 

Most accounting firms offer a wide range of tax services through accountants. In tax planning, accountants help develop new tax codes that help the country comply with tax rules and meet financial deadlines and requirements.

 Management consulting 

Accountants can offer business consulting services by obtaining information about the business tax situation, financial situation and the state of the environment. Accounts can help you identify a new job gap for a business, evaluate existing strategies, and provide practical advice for a more successful future job.

Company establishment and secretariat services 

Accountants can help set up different companies, such as limited liability companies, as well as help register office addresses.