If the heat continues, can there be a change in the hours of work in companies?

In recent days, the hot weather and the upcoming hot summer days, the work schedule of companies becomes relevant. Thus, the work schedule in hot, cold and windy weather (breaks or suspension) is regulated by the relevant articles of the Labor Code.

Pursuant to Article 233, paragraph 2 of the Labor Code, employees are defined by this article when working in hot and open workplaces with a temperature of at least 41 degrees Celsius or in cold weather, in covered but unheated buildings with a temperature of less than 14 degrees Celsius, breaks are given in the prescribed manner and work is suspended.

Detailed information on the weather conditions that led to the suspension of work is provided in Annex 2 to the Labor Code.

One nuance should not be overlooked that according to Article 233, paragraph 4 of the Labor Code, breaks are included in working hours, and during these breaks salaries are paid according to the tariff salary of employees.