The State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy offers an online service for updating" Asan İmza" certificates.

Especially during the CoronaVirus Pandemic, there were serious problems in the process of obtaining or renewing a new Asan İmza certificate. This created very serious problems for entrepreneurs. Asan İmza Certificate is already actively used in electronic business processes. It is not possible. During the pandemic, entrepreneurs were forced to come to tax services or Asan Service centers to renew or obtain a new Asan Imza certificate, wait in line, and perform many procedures in writing. This issue has become more acute in recent months as the fight against the coronavirus pandemic intensifies and efforts are made to minimize human contact.

By the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 4, 2019, the "Rules for the provision of certificate services, issuance of certificates and maintenance of the register" were amended and the submission of documents on paper was abolished. It was possible to apply in due course. This saves entrepreneurs a great deal of time, prevents physical document exchange, and thus minimizes communication during a pandemic, thus preventing the spread of the Covid 19 virus. The work is carried out online to extend the validity of the existing "Personal" or "Business" (Business) type "Asan İmza" certificates before their expiration date, as well as on the basis of "Personal" type "Asan İmza" certificate "Work" (Business) " Asan İmza” certificates were created online.