How to calculate grossa salary from the net?

There are appropriate deductions from the salaries of individuals working for hire. After deducting these mandatory payments, the employee's net salary is paid to the salary card.

But what to do when talking to the employee about the net salary?

In such cases, the employee's salary must be grossed. For this, the order of relevant deductions and percentages (%) must be known.

For example, when negotiating a salary with an employee, a monthly net amount of AZN 500 was agreed. In this case, the amount of AZN 500 must be grossed up. That is, the gross salary of this employee (non-oil and private sector) must be AZN 619.1. Let the net amount be 500 AZN.

The calculation of the gross amount from the net amount is added to the blog excell document and you can download it here.