The Cabinet of Ministers has announced a list of areas of activity that need to be continued during the special quarantine regime in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

The mentioned areas are as follows:

1. In the field of health and social services:

1.1. research and laboratory services;

1.2. services for hospitals, polyclinics and other medical institutions;

1.3. veterinary services;

1.4. production of medical equipment, medicines and medical devices;

 1.5. social services;

1.6. care services for people with mental and emotional disorders, as well as those in need of special care.

2. In the field of infrastructure:

2.1. utilities (sewerage and water supply, gas supply, heating, energy distribution);

2.2. production and supply of electricity;

2.3. water supply and reclamation;

2.4. telecommunications and communication services. 

3. In the field of transport and logistics:

3.1. cargo transportation by air, sea, rail and road;

3.2. railway, shipping, port and highway services;

3.3. logistics services;

3.4. public transport and taxi services.

4. By main production areas

4.1. production of defense industry products;

4.2. activities in the engineering industry;

4.3. production of oil equipment and facilities;

4.4. production of food products and raw materials for them, food products procurement, supply, storage and wholesale;

4.5. production of daily care and hygiene products;

4.6. production of chemical products;

4.7. farmer, including production and processing of agricultural products activity of farms;

4.8. agriculture and harvesting;

4.9. production, refining, storage and sale of oil and gas;

4.10. oil and gas transmission through pipelines;

4.11. activities in the metallurgical industry;

4.12. production and repair of construction and household equipment;

4.13. engineering and design services;

4.14. construction and repair of civil and industrial buildings and facilities, roads;

4.15. production of packaging products;

4.16. production of stone, metal and wood products;

4.17. furniture production and repair;

4.18. slaughter of live animals.

5. For retail and wholesale:

5.1. grocery stores (supermarkets, markets);

5.2. pharmacies;

5.3. filling stations;

5.4. Provision of only delivery services (or online sales) by all trade facilities (except for grocery stores and pharmacies) in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

5.5. Provision of only delivery services (or online sales) to customers in public catering facilities in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, including restaurants, cafes and tea houses.

6. On household services:

6.1. collection and utilization of household waste;

6.2. postal services;

6.3. dry cleaning;

6.4. cleaning of residential buildings, except for apartments;

6.5. car repair;

6.6. car wash stations;

6.7. animal shelters;

7. Mass media.

8. For financial institutions:

8.1. banks and non-bank credit organizations, pawnshops;

8.2. investment companies, stock exchanges;

8.3. insurance companies;

8.4. organizations providing payment services and clearing services.

9. By types of special services:

9.1. delivery services;

9.2. repair of household appliances, computers and mobile devices;

9.3. disinfection services.

10. Advocacy activity.

11. Activities of hotels.

12. Holding official outdoor sports competitions without the participation of spectators, as well as organizing events in preparation for international sports competitions.

You can download the activity codes of the mentioned fields here