Is it possible to dismiss an employee during quarantine? 

Dismissal of workers during the CoronaVirus (COVID 19) pandemic is one of the issues on the agenda. Thus, the period of the pandemic, when companies suffer from financial difficulties, the decline in sales and turnover puts a lot of pressure on companies. reduces social insurance payments. However, dismissal of an employee without a valid reason is illegal and unacceptable.
According to Article 68 of the Labor Code, employees may be dismissed in the following cases: 

a) initiative of one of the parties;
b) expiration of the employment contract;
c) changes in working conditions;
d) in connection with the change of the owner of the enterprise (employees provided by the legislation);
d) circumstances beyond the control of the parties;
e) the circumstances specified by the parties in the employment contract.
As can be seen from Article 68 of the Labor Code, employees cannot be fired due to low sales, pandemics or poor performance of the company.
Many company owners compulsorily dismiss an employee in accordance with Article 68a of the Labor Code by writing a “resignation letter”, which is against the employee's rights.
The reasons for the dismissal of many employees whose employment contracts were terminated during the quarantine regime were investigated, and more than 700 of them were reinstated. (source: